Troubles following the Django tutorial, pt2 mssql backend (keyerror)

Hi, I am following the Django tutorial, and on the migration part of the tutorial I get a error message saying
“KeyError: ‘include’”

It originates from python trying to run

def __str__(self):
    return self.template %

In the

Where self.template = ‘CREATE UNIQUE INDEX %(name)s ON %(table)s (%(columns)s)%(include)s%(condition)s’
While is a dictionary with some keys and values (but not the ‘include’ key)

I have tried to pinpoint the problem, to no avail. Has anyone else noticed this before?

Python library versions:
Django 3.2
Pyodbc 4.0.30
django-mssql-backend 2.8.1

I found the answer in a project based on the backend that I’m using:

In short, Django 3.2 is not yet supported