Unveiling Django-rest-paystack: A minimal plugin for integrating the Paystack payment gateway into a Django API backend.

wtf (pardon my French) is django-rest-paystack?

Paystack is a service that makes processing payments in our projects easy-breezy. Think Stripe, Paypal, and Razorpay.

Django-rest-paystack is a library we made. The goal of this project is to make the task of integrating the Paystack payment gateway into a Django-rest project a snip.

Is this even useful?

Well, I’d let you be the judge of that. But from my personal experience, creating those payment endpoints for every single e-commerce project we work on could become redundant and perhaps somewhat boring over time. While there are different approaches to integrating and processing payments with any payment gateway, in each approach, the flow doesn’t really change. If it doesn’t change then why repeat yourself?

Enter django-rest-paystack

when installed and configured in your project, this package generates all the endpoints you’d need to start and complete a transaction. Literally everything from initializing a transaction, handling webhook, and persisting useful transaction data. This package handles all the mundane payment stuff, just so you could focus on the more dynamic and exciting parts of your project. Did I mention that this package is very extensible?

How can I get this?

You can install the package in your project with pip :
pip install django-rest-paystack

You can also check out the project on GitHub.

I love this package. How can I thank you?

Just share this with your friends, and leave us a star on the repo. I’d love the attention :slight_smile: