virtual environment does not work with git

Hey. I included recently Github repository in my django project and deployed it since then i cannot reactivate my virtual environment. I get this error message "“The system cannot find the path specified”
My python interpreter looks like this: \AppData\Local\Program\Python\Python311\python.exe. this is also the only one i get to choose. How can i use the virtual environement again to use f.i. ‘makemigrations’ again?

Please share a screenshot of the project structure, the git command used and errors occured.

Screenshot 2023-12-09 155956

Share the screenshot of terminal also when you run the command

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Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden.

This means “The system cannot find the path specified”.

I think the path shouldn’t be in quotes. And are you sure you are in the outer karierpath directory in the terminal? Sometimes vscode’s directory and terminal’s directory aren’t the same.

<…\Privat\karierpath> this is my directory
i also tried it already without quotes. You think it is a problem with the command?