Want to be the part of GSOC 2023.

Hello, My name is Ammar Munit from Pakistan and I study computer Science at the Govt. Higher Secondary School.

I have a decent experience in Python,HTML and CSS. and certificates as well I have been using Django as my framework for over a year now and I will like to contribute to the Django community anyway.

I am very much interested in participating in GSoC 2023. The main reason for doing GSoC is to get exposure to the developer’s world, work with new people and contribute more to open source I hope that, despite me being a fresher, the Django community accept me.

I have Strong knowledge of Python and Django and also cover some Certificates from Google, Meta, and Harvardx (David J.Malan). But due to the lack of opportunities here in my country, i need a chance to prove my self and i think this is the best opportunity for me to take start into my career i am very passionate about python and django development.
Let me share you the certificates:

  1. HarvardX: CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python.
  2. HarvardX: CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science
  3. Codio: Python Object Basics: Functions, Recursion, and Objects
  4. 10Pearls University: Python (Beyond the Basics)
  5. Codio: Object-Oriented Python: Inheritance and Encapsulation
  6. Meta: Introduction to Databases for Back-End Development
  7. Meta: Django Web Framework
  8. Google: Crash Course on Python
  9. Meta: Programming with JavaScript
  10. Meta: API’s
  11. University of Michigan: Python Data Structures

Thank You.