Welcome to the Django forum!

Welcome to the Django forum! This is a place for discussing the Django framework and applications and projects that use it. We’re trialling this as an addition to our current mailing lists, where you can also find discussion about similar topics.

Our hope is that the forum will be a useful addition for lower-impact, more real-time discussion than the mailing list. This doesn’t replace the more official function of the mailing list for things like proposing big new features to Django.

If you prefer to interact over email, Discourse (this forum software) has an extensive array of options to be notified of new topics via email and even reply to them that way as well.

Please remember that all parts of the Django community, including this forum, are covered by the code of conduct. By taking part in this forum, you agree to abide by it. If you have any concerns about posts or users that may be breaking the Code of Conduct, please flag them using the forum’s built-in moderation tools.

Finally, if you have feedback or requests about how we run the forum during this trial, please reply to the feedback topic in the Announcements category.