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So, we’re running this forum as somewhat of an experiment, and I’m curious to hear everyone’s feedback on what works well, what we could change, or anything inbetween.

For now, just reply to this topic with ideas and suggestions - if it turns out we need a whole sub-forum/category for them, we’ll open one up!


Thanks for setting this up Andrew!

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So far, so good! Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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Thank you, @andrewgodwin, for setting this up! Could we have an area in the “Django Internals” part that is explicitly for contributors looking for help or advice, like on the django-mentorship mailing list (and to a lesser degree the django-dev IRC channel)?

I think having a place where people can ask for help with their PRs would be good and helpful.

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How about

I’m open for suggestions on the wording:

You are or want to contribute to Django but are stuck? Come here for advice, guidance, and mentorship.

It sounds simple but GitHub auth is a killer feature and should really lower the barrier to entry. Of course the “but but gitlab/bitbucket/etc/etc” will make a stink but this could be a really interesting way to interact w/ the Django community long-term.


Works for me!

Yup, I didn’t want to have yet another username and password to remember - and plus, we already have GitHub auth for Trac, so it’s not without precedent.

Thanks for the forum, hopefully it will workout well.
One question/suggestion, since this suppose to be our main communication place it should be also on django site at

There are only the mailing lists there and no forum, is this because we want this to have the foothold before we publish it on the above page or just need someone to do it? (I am willing to do it if i can, just tell me where to do the PR if relevant :slight_smile: )

Welcome @moshe742

That’s what the trial phase is for. If it works that is great and we may have a more approachable communication tool at hand than mailing lists. If it doesn’t, well, at least we learned that it’s not for us, the Django community.

If Discourse works out well for us, yes, we should definitely link it prominently on the corresponding pages on But IMO let’s do that when we’re certain we stick with the forum. :slight_smile:

My personal watermark is going to be DjangoCon US - at that point, I think we can officially approve it (and I’ve submitted a funding request to the DSF board, who will be meeting then), and add it to the community page.

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I think this is a lovely idea, especially with using Discourse (love the UI/UX). I personally prefer this much more over the mailing lists/google groups (especially the interface for browsing).


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I suggest to create a forum for Django projects.

A good initiative towards bringing the community closer :+1:

Could you elaborate on this a bit. I’m not sure I understand what you have in mind.

If someone have created a project or library and would like to share it with the community then it would be great to have a forum for this.

Are you thinking purely a place to announce projects, or to ask for feedback, or similar?

I don’t think it would fit under either main category right now, so we’d have to make a new top-level one.

I am thinking about a place to announce projects.

Awesome idea!

We are developing TypedDjango and currently we handle all the support via gitter. And I am wondering if this is a good idea to have specific sub-categories for projects and plugins that are highly related.

It might help us to create a knowledge-base and a community support forum with high-quality content. And to increase a visibility of the project as well.

Or is this off-topic?

I think if we have an area for Django (core project) developers, and one for Django users, one for libraries/projects for the Django ecosystem can make sense, too. This can both be useful for

  • project announcements (e.g. "I wrote a cool small library)
  • library search requests (e.g. “Looking for something that helps with structured logging”)

Seems like both of these can work well in a forum, especially the second use case.

OK, I’ve made to fill this gap - feedback on the name welcome, but it was the best name I could come up with in five minutes.

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