what are the conditions in which we get NoReverseMatch error

what are the conditions in which we get NoReverseMatch error:

i get this error many times in my project. I want to know why and how this error is raised and how to solve this problems.

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It’s caused by trying to reverse a url name that isn’t defined. It’s typically thrown by a call to reverse or reverse_lazy. It’s resolved by ensuring all calls to reverse reference a name defined for a url.

Sir, for example if I have

{% include ‘homemain.html’%}
{% block content %}
{%for profil in profilki%}

<a href="{%url 'profilepage' profilepage.id%}"> {{profil}} - profiles  </a>
{% endfor %} {% endblock content %}

path (‘profilepage/str:pk/’,views.profilepage,name=“profilepage”),
path (‘profilki/’, views.profilki,name=“profilki”),

and passing returns me the page Im trying to access, where is the issue ?

You have:

This will create an error if any of the following are true:

  • You do not have an object named profilepage in your context.
  • The profilepage object does not have an attribute named id
  • The profilepage.id entity does not provide a value.
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def profilki(request):
  profilki = profile.objects.all()
     context = {'profilki':profilki }
     return render(request,'base/profilki.html',context)
 def profilepage(request,pk):
     user = Trainingvalue.objects.get(id=pk)
     trainingplan = Trainingvalue.objects.all()
     profilepage= profile.objects.get(id=pk)
     user_training= Trainingvalue.objects.filter(user=profilepage.user)
     context ={'user_training':user_training,'user':user,'profilepage':profilepage,
     return render(request, 'base/profilepage.html' , context)

url : path ('profilepage/<str:pk>/',views.profilepage, name="profilepage")

profilepage in context V
profile page has an attribute id V
profilepage.id entity does not provide value - yet i can access it through the borwser…

so technically this should work:

<a href=" {%url 'profilepage' profilepage.id %} "> profile </a>

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Please edit your post. Also clarify which of the two views posted is causing the error to be thrown and which template file that <a .. tag is in.

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Sir I’ve resolved issue by putting it this way in a template :

 {% include 'homemain.html'%}
 {% block content %}
 {%for profil in profilki%}
 <h3>{{profil}} -<a href="{%url 'profilepage' profil.id %}">profile </a></h3>
 {% endfor %}
{% endblock content %}

Thank you for your help, it made me think