Why is SeleniumTestCase undocumented?

I was digging in through the source code today and came across SeleniumTestCase. I got a bit curious to know why the docs only show how to use LiveServerTestCase, since SeleniumTestCase seems like an improved version of LiveServerTestCase

Is SeleniumTestCase safe to use?

Our policy is that undocumented things are private API’s and there are no promises around them - they colud disappear any time, they could rely on a particular setup, etc.

SeleniumTestCase exists to support Django’s own test suite. It seems like it relies on some extensions in Django’s test runner, for example the __new__ method creates multiple subclasses based on the --selenium argument. I don’t think this is portable.

I would only use the source of SeleniumTestCase as inspiration for your own test case class. Similar to the documented example of LiveServerTestCase.

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