With existing "mySQL Database" and "website", want to connect/synchronize both part how to accomplish by Python

Main problem: I have existing mySQL Database and website, how do I connect/synchronize both, that input or update from mySQL, can also result in website too

I did learn HTML, CSS but was required to find the way, instead input from <p> </p>, need to find a way CRUD from mySQL, and result to website

after a day of research, python django seems has the possiblity solve my problem, but all the tutorial is buttom up create an new website and new mySQL, I'm stock on connecting existing one (that the "mySQL Database" and "website"), that how far I reach , therefore want to ask the export in here, thanks

environment: I’m using python, window and mySQL

  • the already set website screenshot
    the already set website screenshot

  • the existing mySQL Database screenshot (MySQL Database, and using HeidiSQL )

the existing mySQL Database screenshot

the specific example:
if I update/change the context Nordic as Nike from mySQL, by success connect both, the website part the Nike can replace Nordic as new topic

enter image description here

update -
now I’m sure the “django” and “MySQL” is connected

that I craete the ‘TestModel’ and ‘TestModel_002’ from django, will also added in MySQL


  • “django” and “MySQL” is connected
  • still not reach my original issue , insert/update data in “MySQL” can affect website

now the “django” and “MySQL” is connected, but I’m looking for insert/update data in "MySQL" can affect website, seems im close, but what shall I do though?

If all you’re looking to do here is to update a second database, see Multiple databases | Django documentation | Django.

I read through the link you recommend, the problem I looking for is connecting existing website and mySQL Database/or Django

You still haven’t defined what you mean by that. Using the word “connecting” does not explain what you’re trying to do. In your previous post, the only activity you’ve identified is that you want to update the data in your MySQL database, which can be done using a second database connection.

If there’s more to that than this, you will need to be more precise and provide more detail about exactly what you’re looking to achieve.

At a minimum, you should provide details about what the current website is. What platform or framework is it currently built on?

I search by Wappalyzer for platform or framework

is showing:

No results found. We’ll analyse the website now and email you when ready.

the website is company self build site, if you want any onfo just let me know, I’m glad for help, in order to solve the problem

So are you saying you don’t have access to that original site?