A new Project of mine - django reactive framework

Hi everyone!

I am starting a new project for my own needs, but attempted to be more general.
Django Reactive Framework: GitHub - Tal500/django-reactive-framework: A minimalistic reactive framework for Django Templates.

The name of the project is Django Reactive Framework, a real reactive framework for Django templates.

I saw “django-unicorn” and similar projects for Jinja2, which they’re basically work by Ajax query to get an HTML content respone from the server. This project do it for real.

I am currently working on it (there is some example in the source code), it’s still unstable and there are a lot to implement.

Basically, this project was created by me after me being exited from the design of Svelte, but being less happy by the less control from the server side, and by the fact that it works tightly only in JavaScript framework (and not that good in django framework/template).

This framework render everything in the server side (SSR), and let the computation continue in the client side (only the minimal to be computed in the server side, which is another difference from Svelte which even in SSR mode, the client still have to render it again after loading).

The framework tries to be minimal but powerful, and be on top of Django Template framework.

Currently there is much lake of documentation, but eventually I hope that the framework will be much more clear.

I would like to get your review about the idea and about the framework, both in needs and the implementation.