django-unicorn, a fullstack framework for Django

Hello all,

As someone who has worked in Django for almost a decade, I’ve really come to appreciate all of the niceties it gives you – templates, ORM, caching, etc. However, every time I want to add some interactive AJAXy stuff, I am sort of on my own to build it in (first) jQuery, (now) Vue.js, React, htmx, alpine, etc. Usually the recommendation is use Django REST framework or GraphQL to build out an API for the frontend to talk to as well.

I built django-unicorn to enable simple interactivity without needing to build too much additional infrastructure. It won’t ever replace a custom-built SPA, but it can provide building blocks to, say, add a search box to your site without much fuss.

It is still in heavy development as I add features, but I would really appreciate any feedback to the general idea, the documentation site, or improvements to the library. Thanks!


This looks interesting. Can’t give much feedback, right now, but if any comes to mind I’ll let you know. Thanks for working on this and for sharing.

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Great stuff. I love your idea.


This is normal when django-unicorn with table on 400 records work very slow?

I wait 10 sec until see any reaction on click


Kudos for this :raised_hands:

Looks neat and I like that it keeps the “component” terminology, that’s now native to UI development.

A question - are you currently running django-unicorn in production for a specific project?


Yep! I know it’s used by a few people other than me in production. But, personally I’m using it on: