Absolutely beginner seek resources, please help

hi all,
just joined this forum to learn for better future.

i am from Oracle Forms, Reports and now Oracle Apex, so you can understand what is my level to learn Python + Django.

i was advised to learn at least web development using true language(s) including html, css and js, what means included is i have to start learning PHP or Python for backend and React like library/framework for frontend and if possible i can go with Django.

i searched and found that (as per google search) first 3 html, css & js are very necessary and then i have to select another ones. so, further searched and decided to learn Django but as it is Python framework i have to learn Python first for better foundation. simultaneously i have to learn html, css and js.

please help me with your advice(s) and roadmap from start to learn Python fundamentals then Django. i saw videos from youtube ( as i can’t afford paid courses ) like ‘Programming with Mosh’ and ‘Tech With Tim’ (youtube(dot)com/watch?v=th4OBktqK1I) etc. to understand Python basiscs.

hope with your help i can upgrade myself for better future. i am interesting in building business applications like accounting, inventory, sales, purchase etc. like we created in Oracle products.


It’s always tough to provide references, because experience has shown me that different people learn best from different materials. What I generally recommend is that people start from the fundamentals.

First, The Python Tutorial — Python 3.11.3 documentation. If you don’t know Python at all or don’t have any real experience with other similar programming languages, this is absolutely required.

Then either (or both) of Official Django Tutorial and Django Girls Tutorial.

Beyond those starting points, what I then really recommend is that you look at existing curated lists of materials from which you can pick and choose what you think might be best for you. (You’ll want to find ones that are kept up-to-date.)

For example:

From there it’s just an issue of figuring out where you want to go next.

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thanks very much @KenWhitesell for your guidance. will check the Python fundamentals first as advised to start learning it. i have no experience in Python like language or Django like framework to develop web applications.
if anything to ask, get help, i will come again. also will visit this forum to check what people are doing, what are the problems for beginners etc.
thanks again, regards