Add Mariusz Felisiak as a releaser for Django

Hello all :wave:

For the consideration of the @steering_council, I would like to suggest Mariusz Felisiak (@felixxm) be granted the role of Releaser for Django.

Based off how I understand the DEP-10 process for selecting a Releaser, a member of the Steering Council may now formally nominate him and trigger a vote.

Mariusz is well setup and would be an excellent support - pretty pretty please :heart:


This is a no-brainer for me. I vote +1 on granting Mariusz the role of Releaser.

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It might also make sense to remove James as fallback releaser and have the ops team there with a shared account or so?

+1 from me too. I am glad Mariusz is happy to continue helping Django in such a vital role.

I am happy to both formally nominate Mariusz and vote +1 on his appointment as a Releaser, if we still need the nomination.

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I was unaware that I was a Releaser. If I am, I’m content to continue as an emergency backup (though I haven’t done a Django release in years, so I probably would be quite slow at it if ever called upon), or to step down if that’s the preference.

As to Mariusz, I’m happy to vote +1.

Thank you everyone :grin:
I believe that concludes the Steering Council vote which was unanimously in favour of granting Mariusz the Releaser role - congratulations @felixxm :partying_face:

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Thanks y’all :blush: I’m honored :vulcan_salute:


Note: Mariusz added to Releaser team :+1: