Technical Board vote on DEP 44: Clarifying Release Process

As per DEP 10, I’d like to ask for a vote on acceptance of DEP 44: Clarifying Django’s Release Process.

Details are here:

Preliminary discussion was on

The only difference was that there was a vague consensus towards minimising edits of existing DEPs, so the changes go into the new DEP 44, rather than being inlined in DEP 10.

@andrewgodwin, @apollo13, @adamchainz, @orf, @charettes could I ask you to vote +1/0/-1 in accordance with DEP 10 in your roles as the current Technical Board? (Votes can be adjusted until 14th December 2022.)


I vote +1.

Rationale: I believe this is a very sensible change to clarify something that was missed out before.

I also vote +1 :rocket:. Seems like a very sensible change

I vote +1 as well. Reading through the documents and reviewing the PRs made it seem like an omission.

+1 from me as well! I’ve suggested a few small edits to the PR. :chipmunk:

Looks like passed 4-0, unless you wish to vote quickly @apollo13?

Thanks all. I will look at it tomorrow. :sleeping_bed:

Oh, I had a draft comment but apparently it never got posted :slight_smile: So I will keep it short since my vote won’t change anything anyways +1.

Sorry for the delay,

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