Adding CRM features to Django website

Hello there,
I’ve published my first website online last week, using Django, MySQL, and Apache on a VPS running ubuntu.
I would like to create a new app to add CRM features such as contact leads, sending emails…
There is this package DjangoCRM Django CRM — Django-CRM 0.7.0 documentation but it provides a wrapped up CRM built with Django.
This is not exactly what I am looking for, I would like to add CRM features to my existing Django project.
Is this doable?
Am I misunderstanding something?


Django packages aren’t a “all or nothing”, “take it or leave it” type situation. Installing a package like Django CRM doesn’t replace what you’ve already built. There are lots of “bits & pieces” of a package like that you can choose to add to your existing system.

You could look at all the different components offered by Django CRM and decide what parts of it you wish to use and then integrate them into your existing site.

All right,
So that’s what I am trying to do: adding tailored CRM features to my Django website.

Do you know where I can find any tutorials on this topic?

Hello @juliencarbonnell .
If you want to add CRM features you have to code them. Make the models, the views, forms, etc.
Some misunderstanding from people who came for a PHP background, specially in the WordPress, Drupal, etc world is thinking that Django packages are like Wordpress plugins, but the philosophy behind Django is give you more flexibility but you have to code your own stuff.

I am coding, in Python, expect to code my CRM features on my django website.
That’s why I’m asking for a tutorial.

This looks promise:

Not really.
He is building a CRM with Django on this video.
Not adding CRM features to an existing Django project.

Why do you think there’s a difference between the two?

Or, to ask a slightly different question, why do you think that a CRM feature is any different than any other feature on your website?

What is it about these CRM features have you not done before?
- That might be the better question to answer, to perhaps help direct you to information that may be of most value to you.

All Django features are built on the same structure of models, views, urls, templates, etc. You might want to take a look at the Django CRM source code to see how it’s constructed. You’ll see there’s nothing “special” or “unique” about it.

Ok so I will create a new app (e.g. CRM) like I created the one website, and fill the different files (models, views, urls, templates) to add tailored CRM features?

In the videos on creating a CRM with Django that I watched, they develop it like a platform to sell to customers. I don not want to build and sell a CRM platform. I just want to manage my leads, and send emails, from the backend of my django website.

Yea, that’s basically it.

But again I ask, how are the two different? I’m not going to bother watching the video, but I would guess that the majority of differences are outside CRM-related issues and deal more with issues like user registration, access rights, and other infrastructure-related topics - not the core CRM functionality.

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probably similar, yes.
I was looking here for some content closer to my actual needs.