Adjective to describe things idiomatically django

I’m not sure this is really on topic for “using django”, but it seemed more on-topic than any of the other forum categories available - so I have opted for this one.

Is there a community-accepted word to describe things that are “django-ish” (inline with the accepted Django best practices, or philosophies that Django upholds). I imagine such a word might be used more loosely even just to refer to things related to Django.

I’m aware that in the same way that python aficionados are called pythonistas, so lovers of Django are called djangonauts. But is there an accepted word that is equivalent to pythonic, but referring to django?

  • Djangonic??
  • Djangoistic??
  • Something else??

I would be curious if anyone either:
a) knew the answer to this, or
b) Had any thoughts on the matter

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


How about Djangonautic?

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Can we call Django hacks “Djanky”?