Advice and wisdom

So after a very long break I am looking at building responsive websites using the latest tools: python, django, bootstrap and more.
I have been through the pain barrier of learning CSS4 and Django and practically speaking most of the requests that I get will be for simple, responsive one page sites with perhaps a contact email form rather than building a database model.
So I am putting together a snippets collection of bootstrap components which realistically do not need much in the ways of database models and all of the good stuff that django provides.
I am more likely to have multiple bootstrap components (jumbotron, nav, cards, carousel, projects, footer etc) and I am trying to work out the most expedient way of feeding data into the template to drive multiple bootstrap components.
I have found {% include %} and macros but I am still trying to find a balance between a complicated context, template tags and data.
Any constructive advice will be gratefully received.

have probably answered my own question here.
django-menus is a package to help build nav bars (plus django-mptt)
django-bootstrap-ui has tags for containers, rows and columns
other packages help with macros for creating lists as input into carousels and cards.

even better.
I have installed djangocms with djangocms-bootstrap4