Django app approach best practice

Hi all,

I have to develop a fairly complex app with Django, javascript and Bootstrap (or a similar product).
So I was interested in hearing from more experienced devs what’s your approach:

  • do you create the mockup look in bootstrap/html and then start plugging in django functionality and javascrit?
  • or do you create a skeleton version of your project and then start adding css?

Is there some kind of established best practices on how to approach a “medium” size project?

Many thanks in advance

Our approach is “it depends” - and in this case, it depends upon what you have as existing resources and personnel to work on this.

If you have a UI/UX person who is not familiar with a template language, or an existing site that you’re trying to recreate the same look and feel, you can start with the existing HTML and update it from there.

Otherwise, you can start by focusing on the bare functionality first and then work on the styling later.

In either case, this is likely to be an iterative process as you work your way toward the desired result.

It really is up to you and it doesn’t matter which approach you take.