Hello everyone. First of all ı’m from Turkey and if my english is bad I’m sorry. I’ve been learning html,css, js(little bit) and django since 3 months. I’m writing here because i’ve so many questions and python-turkish forum does not exist. Here is my questions:
Question 1) I’m trying to do a simple company site. I made all parts but i’ve 2 difficulties and those are the product page and product detail page. Product page problem is sub-categories(filtering?) . What do i need to learn js or can i fix with python-django. And the product detail page problem is styling(Is there any free product detail template?).
Question 2) I know this is a python forum but i want to learn about bootstrap. In the site of bootstrap there are so many themes and i want to buy 1 template but are they sending you files and you can change and use anything you want or do they create a direct site for you and you start using? (I want the first one).

You don’t have to respond to all my questions, you can write simple things like ‘learn this:…’ or ‘look this site …’.
And also I’m using udemy to learn html,css,js and django. If you have any suggestions for my developpement i’ll be happy.

First, please do not apologize for your English. We’re most appreciative of your effort, because your English is far superior than my Turkish would ever be.

If you have not done so, work through the official Django Tutorial. The parallel between your product and detail pages and the tutorial’s poll question and choices pages is very close.

(Sorry, I’m not familiar with the commercial bootstrap theme market. I have no information to help you there.)


It appears that when you purchase a Bootstrap themes from the site, you get the compiled and raw source files.

From at the bottom near “Source Files”:

Each theme includes all the source and compiled files, making deep customization possible.

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