App that will find you find a job, or at least stay up to date on the hiring market

Built with Django, of course! looks online for new jobs in the tech sector, parses them and creates a nice way to filter based on your tastes. Furthermore, you can subscribe to a specific tech stack to get notified when new jobs for that tech stack are posted. Give it a try, would love to know what you think.

Side note: now that I have some good data, trying to play around with the way information is displayed. Here, for instance is a page that lists companies that that hire for Django developers and and pay the most: Tech Job Alerts

Nice work. What sources are you using to find the jobs? How are you obtaining them?

UX Suggestion: The filters for tech stack need to be upgraded, having all those checkboxes in a minature scrollable area is very difficult to use, especially considering that they aren’t even in alphabetical order. Consider an autocomplete text area