Autoscaling Django UI and Job Workers Using Google Cloud Project

Hi everyone, I’m new to this community but I’ve contributed to Django in the past so its nice to be back. I’m happy to say I’ve taken Django with me to Google, at least my department, and found huge success with it so far, so thank you Django, again.

The project I’d like to share is StarThinker, its a Django powered UI for orchestrating and deploying jobs to a scalable back end. The back end is a scaled VM group running a Django command.

What makes this scaled job runner unique on GCP is no time limit on the jobs. Unlike Cloud Functions, Cloud Tasks or App Engine Services, these jobs can truly run for 1 second or 3 weeks ( default configured to be capped at 24 hours for sanity ). The existing jobs are advertising heavy, but I’d love to extend this out to other verticals.

I’m really happy with how its turning out, we have dozens of clients deploying it and all love the extensibility. I’ve been lucky enough to leverage Django and Google Cloud for a project, both of which have become my favorite stacks.

Deployment Instructions

  • Yes It Deploys To Developer LocalHost Like Any Good Django Project
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Thank you @pkenjora it looks awesome!