AYBA- any idea to improve this project?

it is may take some time until the server wake up from the sleep mode.

it’s a small ERP system and used for Automate Accounting Process
any idea to improve it ?

Hi AhemdSalam22, what type of feedback are you looking for? Are there certain things that you’re less certain about that need a closer look?

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Thank you so much anything will be helpful it will be my graduation project and then i will publish the source code…
but i don’t have an idea how to improve it
like how to improve forent-end
over all it’s good or not ?
suggestion for any library that help like crispy-forms, django-filter
i want to make it an open source accounting system for free forever but i don’t know how to make it better like Odoo or Quickbooks or peachtree

These are some things I found while poking around the application:

Upon logging in, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I was redirected back to the marketing page. I would have expected to be presented with a dashboard or an onboarding flow.

In the Journal section, am I supposed to create every transaction where it balances out to zero? If so, how does the account ever change from 0?

When exporting to a csv file, I’d use datetime_value.isoformat() rather than a locale based version of the date string to avoid spaces in the filename and avoid some internationalization issues.

You’re currently running the site with DEBUG=True which is something you shouldn’t do.

Below are spelling and grammatical corrections:

The account creation notification message: “your account has been created successfully you are now log in” Should be: “your account has been created successfully you are now logged in” It’s currently missing a capital letter at the start of the sentence and the period at the end. These can be acceptable depending on the theme and tone of your application.

The account type liabilities's label should be capitalized to match the others. The account type Assest should be Asset.

The header link ledger should be capitalized to match the others.

"it’s look its is your first time.Please Complete the Reporting setting first before continue ". Should be “It looks like it’s your first time. Please complete the Report setting first before continuing.” And if you can work a link on the “report setting” part of the text, that’d be a great user experience.

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Thank you so much sir for your feedback it’s helpful

I should clarify, this is something you shouldn’t do on a production server.

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Thank you so much for pointing this out