Logish - Dev journal web-app

Wanted to show off my current project, Logish.

It’s a markdown-powered dev journal. Great for documenting your tasks, thoughts, and accomplishments as you work through the day. I started dev journaling at my previous job using raw markdown files in a git repo. It worked pretty well, but wanted to be able to easily access my notes from any device as well as add some extra features.

Logish in its current state is usable, but I have a lot more features I’d like to add to it. Right now you can create log entries, add tags, mark your favorites, archive, or delete them.

A free account is required to use the app, but if you want to try it without signing up, I have an older version that saves everything to local storage here: https://logish.timmytango.com/

It’s built with Django, DRF, and Postgres on the back-end. For the front-end I use AlpineJS and TailwindCSS. It’s a hybrid app, using Django to render the FE, but most interaction goes through a REST API. I like this approach so far. I’m more familiar with working with separate front-end and back-end code bases/services.

Would love to hear any feedback, particularly if something like this would be useful to you. If there are any features you’d like to suggest, I’m open to those as well!


It looks pretty cool, @TimmyTango! Neat to hear that it’s powered by Django.

I personally get email prompts to journal daily using Trailmix, but I’d definitely be interested if I wasn’t using that service.

Thanks for checking it out @mblayman !

Logish is pretty bare-bones right now, but I have a list of features focused on developers I plan to implement. I decided to get it public facing as fast as possible to encourage me to continue to work on it. Otherwise, it would end up in the pile of unfinished projects I’ve started.

Some features I plan to implement:

  • Time tracking on a specific log entry (near term)
  • Task lists (global or associated with an entry) (near term)
  • Micro-blogging (starts with selecting one or more entries and allows you to edit it into a blog entry) (further out)