Building digital portfolio website

Dear all,

Maybe this isn’t the right place to ask this question however quick action is needed in this case. A couple months ago I started working with Django, and still learning. The end goal is to build a digital portfolio with Django. But now I need this portfolio asap and I am wondering what the best software is to use in this case? I am willing to pay for this in an affordable price range. I see a lot about WordPress and it looks great, but to keep your site ‘live’ it is quite expensive…

Hopefully someone can recommend a solution for this.

Thanks in advance!

If you want a pretty easy plug-and-play CMS, I’d say Wagtail is the best choice right now for a Django CMS. You’ll still need to do some work for models and templates, but it’s how I run my personal site and it’s quite nice to use.

You could also investigate running a static site and hosting it on something like S3 or GitHub Pages if you want to keep it very cheap.

Netlify has a free tier for static sites if that’s the route you’re interested in.

Thank you for the quick responses Andregodwin and Netlify :slight_smile:

I checked the Wagtail CMS and it looks very basic and easy to use, perfect for my personal portfolio. However, Andregodwin could you give your advise in this one? Is it really easy to use/learn? Three months ago I thought I could learn Django in about one month, spending 10 hours a week. But I really have underestimated this… I know to find out this is to use the CMS wagtail but I am reserved making the same mistake as with Django.

What do you mean with S3 or Github Pages using as a static site? Searching through the Internet I see it a program which creates web pages, but you still need to write the HTML code by yourself?

Netlify looks very cool! On Youtube there are as well some great tutorial videos for this one. This could be the one I going to use.

WordPress is about $6/month (the very basics). This costs a not that high and if it can say me a couple of hours or maybe days this would be a good option. Is it possible to build a website with Wordpress in a day or so?

I’ll jump in on your last question - it’s most definitely possible to build a WordPress site in less than a day. That’s really what it’s designed to do - give you a platform to be up and running quickly. Whether or not it’s going to be everything you want it to do or be is a different question.

By static site we mean a site that’s purely html, css and js files. There would be no server side processing.

Thank you both! I will give it a try this week with WordPress. Otherwise Netlify will be an great alternative I think :wink: