Which python CMS is more easy to use than others ?

You know there are several python base CMS such as Django CMS, Wagtail, Mezzanine, MoinMoin, Quokka, Kotti,Plone,Nive CMS,Pyplate,Pinax,Skeletonz etc . But I want to know that , which python CMS comparatively easy to use . Is there any python CMS available which is same as Wordpress ? I actually try a little bit of Wagtail CMS but I think it’s not pretty easy .

This is actually a Django forum - I don’t think you’re going to find too many people here with a lot of in-depth experience with the non-Django-based products you’ve listed.

Beyond that, I’d also say that “easy to use” is a phrase that is highly individual to the person trying to use it, and dependent upon what it is that the person is trying to do.
For example, while I’ll grant that a wiki can technically be considered a “content management system”, I would not categorize it as a “CMS”, since a CMS - to me - has other requirements not satisfied by any wiki software with which I’ve worked.

(I don’t think you’re going to find anything in the Python world that is directly comparable to Wordpress in that you won’t find a system with the variety and support of the third-party plugins available for it, nor the selection of hosting providers capable of hosting a Wordpress site. There’s a reason why more than a third of all web domain names point to Wordpress sites.)

My best recommendation would be for you to do your own research - look at their web sites, read through the documentation, see if they have a demo; maybe even do a trial installation to see what they look like in action in your own environment.

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