Challenge related to ticket 35317


I created an external patch (and a PR) to add :

  • filter_callback
  • post_prefetch_callback
    to Prefetch objects.

I gave an example of production code in comment 7 in the ticket:
Please do not answer to this topic here in
But if you think that you can do equivalent or better code without this feature,
please add your code in comments in the ticket,
so that we can compare which code is best.

Thanks, best regards,
Laurent Lyaudet

I can see in the ticket that you were explicitly told to refer to Triaging tickets | Django documentation | Django regarding your ticket.

The ticket was marked as “won’t fix”, which is documented at that page as being:

Used when someone decides that the request isn’t appropriate for consideration in Django. Sometimes a ticket is closed as “wontfix” with a request for the reporter to start a discussion on the Django Forum or django-developers mailing list if they feel differently from the rationale provided by the person who closed the ticket. Other times, a discussion precedes the decision to close a ticket. Always use the forum or mailing list to get a consensus before reopening tickets closed as “wontfix”.

(Emphasis added)

What this means is that further discussion in trac about this ticket is not appropriate unless and until a consensus is achieved either here or in the developer’s mailing list.

So no, people should not add comments to that ticket at this time, and you are encouraged to not suggest that people violate the established procedures.

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