shop carts in Django

I’m starting to get a feel for Django as a noob, and ideally I want to start implementing shop-carts in the next few months.

If anybody is doing shop-carts, I would appreciate some guidance on it.

I don’t really think it can be that complex. Ideally I’d like to do it myself, without using 3rd party apps, or maybe that’s naive. I think the orm would be relatively straight-forward for example.

My friend wants to implement a shop-cart for her small business, and I put my hand up to do it for free, which is cool, cos it allows me to tinker, and they’re not ready for a shop-cart this year – but will be eventually. Initially I thought, shopify, but I also figured “why not just do it yourself, how hard can it be?” So I said to myself, I’ll do it in Django…and learn some new skills.

Tips and tricks would be appreciated.

I can understand the “write it myself” mentality.

But the easiest way to really understand how it’s done is to look at a working implementation.

So my best suggestion would be to look at the solutions over at, and maybe review the code of one or two that look like they’re closest to what you want to do.

If nothing else, what you want to look for is any non-obvious code. Those are the places where you might find the work done to avoid the “gotcha’s” that can arise in this type of project.

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Thanks Ken, I’ll have a look at those. Sounds promising.