Build a E-commerce website

Build a E-commerce website Using Django

Effectively any kind of website or service can be created in Django, including an e-commerce website, but without further context it is difficult to help you.

Generally speaking, however, unless you have very specific requirements you’re probably better off using an e-commerce SaaS like Shopify. Building a fully-functional and secure e-commerce website using any language or framework is probably not the best project for a novice (unless it’s strictly a learning exercise).

There are also existing Django apps that provide e-commerce functionality such as Oscar, but again, unless you have very specific requirements or it’s for learning purposes it will be a daunting task. And if you’re a business looking to sell goods online you want to be able to sell as soon and as effectively as possible, stumbling around trying to build an e-commerce site while delaying making sales is probably not great for business.

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