Compilation of less know Django packages


I post daily on my Twitter a less know Django package.

I have made a small compilation to share here on the forum:

django-extensions: Adds various useful extensions to the Django framework, including management commands, additional fields, and utilities for debugging.

django-model-utils: Provides a set of utility classes and functions for working with Django models. It includes useful features such as TimeStampedModel (automatically adds created and modified timestamps), StatusField (provides a flexible status field for models), and more.

django-mptt: Enables the use of Modified Preorder Tree Traversal (MPTT) for hierarchical data structures in Django. It provides an efficient way to store and query tree-like data, such as categories or threaded comments.

django-crispy-forms: Helps you easily render Django forms in a more flexible and customizable way. It provides a template pack that enhances the default Django form rendering with additional CSS classes and markup.

django-haystack: Integrates search functionality into your Django projects by providing a high-level, modular, and scalable interface to search backends such as Elasticsearch, Solr, or Whoosh.

django-robots: Allows you to control how web robots crawl your Django-powered site by managing the robots.txt file. It provides an easy-to-use interface for defining rules for search engine crawlers.

django-polymorphic: Extends Django’s model inheritance capabilities by allowing models to be derived from each other with inheritance chains. It enables you to work with different types of objects in a single query and simplifies complex model relationships.

django-rest-passwordreset: Provides password reset functionality for Django REST Framework. It includes views and serializers to handle password resets via email and offers customization options to fit your specific requirements.

django-templated-emails: Allows you to send rich, multi-part emails using templates in Django. It simplifies the process of creating email templates and rendering them with context variables.

django-admin-interface: Offers a customizable admin interface for Django projects, allowing you to create a visually appealing and user-friendly administration area. It provides a variety of customization options and features like responsive design and theme support.

Comment below if you have some package that you use to share.

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The nplusone library could make do with more spotlight!

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That is a cool library.

Thanks for sharing.