Create Social Network with Django

I want to create a personal Social Network website like Facebook.

The backend will be totally built with Django. But I can’t yet figure out what to do.

I am here to ask that-- Is it possible that the Django Community can guide me step by step in building it, till I finally complete it?


How well do you know Django?

  • How much work have you already done with Django?

How well do you know Python?

How much of a software development background do you have?

  • Have you ever built an application of this size before?

  • Do you have experience with taking a “large” problem and dividing it into many “small” problems?

Do you have a comprehensive list of every feature you want to implement?

  • Do you have a target timeframe?

To address your direct question:

In general terms, probably not - but that’s really going to depend upon what you mean by “guide me step by step”.

There are many guides and videos available just by googling.
First hit: Django tutorial 2020 | Build a Social Network project in Django (PART 1) - YouTube