Building an open source production Ready Social-Network Starter

I am still rather new to Django (about 6 Month). But i am passionate about it, and i am eager to get involved in the open source movement.
My first project evolved more and more into a Social Network Project. I did some research, there are already a handful of django social networks in form of tutorials or open source projects on youtube and github. But non of those are fully production ready or designed to be extended easily.

My goal would be to build a Social Network which inherits from Django “the battery included” approach. We could start with the the user authentication with social accounts, activity feed, chat, friends, follows, profile, and some more core principles of a social network ( has to be further discussed).

This Network should be extendable easily, let`s say for online and offline communities.
I am thinking about a Social Network for musician and bands, for local communities such as schools, or sport groups, environmental activists, or maybe software-communities for a certain language, or whatever group could benefit from a Social Network which is adaptable to the specific needs of the usergroup.

I am looking for people who would like to join my endeavour to plan and realise this project.
I’ll contact all people who startet in a similar direction, would be loveley if we could join forces.


I have not used it yet, but you should have a look at

Thanks for the tipp. I actually used the element Chat, which is build on matrix, but so far never looked at the matrix project. What matrix is doing sounds super promising, although it might be more relevant on a much deeper level of restructuring real-time communication. I’ll have to check if an integration with Django makes sense.
Cheers raphael