How to get started

Hello guys ! I am trying out django framework recently but I dont know which project i should get started to use django . I am very comfortable using python , I also want to contribute to django , I dont know where to get started and I am really getting overwhelmed . Looking forward for some advice

What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to find existing Django projects to contribute to, or build something new with Django?

For the former, GitHub’s topic is a good place to find existing Django projects to contribute to, both as libraries and full applications: django · GitHub Topics · GitHub.

As for inspiration to build something new, has an interesting list of projects you could replicate for learning. “web app ideas for beginners” is a reasonable search term to plug in to your search engine of choice and get lots of lists people have built exactly this, which can help get you started with some ideas.

The only real limit is your time and imagination!

Welcome @hivishal !

For getting started with Django itself, I always recommend the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial. (I believe that working through both of them provides benefits beyond just the work involved. They cover some slightly different topics or cover the same topics in different ways, adding to the value of each.)

I also recommend that you see the Education section of the Awesome Django page. There’s a lot of Django information out there, but unfortunately, not all of it is good. Finding a trusted “source of sources” is valuable in itself.

Beyond that, it’s up to you to identify your “Why?” Why are you expending this effort? Why Django? Why web development? Honest self-answers to those questions may help guide you with your next steps.

Thank you for your words sir
I do have some personal projects in my mind where I can use django and web development specially the backend part amazes me . I want to engage with the community as much as I can and I genuinely want to contribute to the django project , having said that I want to know how can I start contributing to this open source project as I am not sure of how contributions work and how do I contribute
Thank You.

When it comes to contributing to Django itself, the general advice I see on here is to begin with The Contributing Guide.
Contributing to Django | Django documentation | Django

As Carlton Gibson wrote :

… the best way to improve your chances is to get involved already, following the links to the Contributing Guide

Start with reading that, and then do reach out if you have questions.