Custom reset password process

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to kind of merge the functionality provided by Django for resetting passwords with custom templated? For example, I am using Vuejs for my frontend and Django for my backend and my views (called pages in Vue) are created in Vue. However, I would like to use Django’s reset password process to avoid creating one from scratch and also relying on the security provided by it. Is there any way to replace the default templates provided by Django (reset-password, password-reset-done, password-reset-confirm, password-reset-complete)? Some of this I want to skip (e.g instead of a page for password-reset-done, I would like to display a pop-up notification).


Reviewing the documentation on Authentication Views, I see where the classes like PasswordResetView take a parameter for the template name.

Is this what you’re looking for?

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Maybe, I am not sure but I will have a look at this. Thanks for your help! Will get in touch if I am stuck again.