Django reset password

I am using the Django DRF for backend and no frontend UI interactions, just pure DRF. However, I just added the Django built-in default reset password feature and it is redirecting users to a page that have a lot of obvious Django stuff, almost looks like the admin page. I don’t want user to see all that. Online tells me that I need to modify the templates in templates/registration/…, however, I don’t have that folder in my project because I am only using Django for backend. How can I modify this template and all other templates related to reset password, where is it located?

You would want to go ahead and create those directories and add them to your project.

So create a templates folder in my project directory and manually create all the required files?


Stevenson Gerard Eustache

Or copy the existing versions from your Django installation and modify them. It really all depends upon how similar “what you want” is to “what Django provides”. (Or you could just look at the existing versions to see what they look like and use that as a guide toward developing your own. It’s all up to you.)