django-admin startproject Not Working

Trying to work through the tutorial but stopped on second step: django-admin startproject mysite, with errors: ‘django-admin’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.
2nd post for this problem. Per mentor KenWhitesell I have moved from Powershell to Command Line with no resolution. Opening this second ticket per request. I’ll post a screen shot

Let’s start with the basics - in your Cmd prompt shell, is your virtual environment active?
Does Django show up in a “pip list” in that shell?

I finally got it Ken, thanks. I started all over again , crisp everything and all done via the Command Line and I am up to the start project command without any errors. Not sure what was the problem unfortunately. Was it the PowerShell ??? Who knows, but I’m grateful for your time and effort in helping me.

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Doing more initializations today and again, startproject doesn’t work in VS Code’s Powershell but does in Command Line. Strange.