Django and GitHub restore

I have been hearing about the beauty of GitHub is that you can store your code there, and remove it from your local computer, and then call it back if/when you need it. So, if I had directories and a virtual environment on my computer for a project, and then turned off and removed the virtual environment and then all the folders and files for my project (all saved to GitHub), and then I wanted to build a project, app, and virtual environment on my computer and go get the files from GitHub and work on them, how would I restore everything so that it would just work? Thanks in advance for all the help.

That’s an extremely broad topic - and probably beyond any one post here.

Working with git as a general topic would be first. Then you’d want to be comfortable working with virtual environments.

Why don’t you just do some experimenting and see what happens?

Sounds good, I’ll do some experimenting. Thanks for the advice.