Contributing to django project after test it locally

I have an application that written with Django, now I feel I want to contribute to Django for some feature.

I am finding an easy way to test for commit to Django for the pull request.

Like, my app now running on virtual environment where install Django by pip, so you know if change something in env package in Django folder, it will never be able to commit and pull request, so i want to clone entire Django framework from GitHub repo. so the problem i am facing is that, if i change something on django repo, it will not do impact in my Django app but if i change something in env, it will impact on django app, i finding a way, if i change something on django repo that i cloned in my local machine, it whould automatically do impact on my django app, I am not getting what to do, can anyone please help me in this case?

Did you try the “first patch” tutorial?

The install step using pip install -e allows you to have a virtual environment using your git cloned version of django.

Thanks, i got it now