Django API Layer DEP?

Hello all!

Through going down some late night rabbit holes, I came across this conversation that was deep in the DRF conversations on Github. In it, it was discussed by a couple of folks involved in the DSP that there might be some appetite for bringing some sort of API layer into Django itself but that a DEP and such would need to be written to move that forward.

Basically, what do I need to do to do that? I found DEP0001 that recommends starting things with a discussion on the django-developers group, but I didn’t know if that would still be the best starting point for this DEP since it sounds like there was some previous discussion at DjangoCons or the like about this topic.

Personally, I’d love to contribute to such an effort, if not lead it. For years now I’ve been trying to figure out how I could best contribute to the Django community and this seems like something that would get me pretty fired up to work on. I’ve used DRF quite a bit and generally think it’s pretty solid, but it has some small almost-the-same-but-slightly-different things it duplicates from Django Core that always seem to be a stumbling block for me when I’m using it (such as auth/permissioning, test helpers, viewsets, adding in another routing layer instead of just adding things into the URLs conf, etc.). Personally, I think a really good starting point is basically “DRF, but don’t replace parts of Django Core.”

I would love to know any suggestions about the best way I could push this effort forward myself or get involved with those already doing so.

Hi @klloveall

This is one of the perennial topics.

Next steps here are likely pushing forward with the proposals to add (or complete) content negotiation to the request object, and modernising the request.

Latest work there can be found here: