Django application server requirements


I have developed on web application on Django Framework and Postgre SQL and I would want to host this on a local server (due to security constraints, I am not allowed public hosting like DO or Azure). Can some one suggest the hardware requirements of a server that my company would purchase to serve clients of around 35-50.

A Raspberry Pi 3B+ can do it. (I know that because I’m doing it)

Now, if your database is running on the same system, or if your application has high CPU requirements beyond Django itself, or if subsecond response time is a requirement, or if you’re working with big data, then those requirements would change.

All this is to say that you also need to factor in what you’re going to be doing in your Django app before making that decision.

But we find we can do quite well for our smaller systems in 8 gb memory on a quad-core cpu. (Virtual machines on a host running many of these.)

With all the inputs you have provided, I have purchased one new server for my office. Its clean.

What web server is preferred to run on Linux to host Django applications?
Any document reference about hosting django applications in local servers (not web hosting) is welcome.


Web server? It doesn’t much matter to Django. Whatever you feel comfortable using. I used to use Apache, but about 8 years ago I switched to nginx for all new deployments and now that’s all I use.

I’d start with the Django docs at How to deploy Django | Django documentation | Django.

At some point you may want to consider Docker-based deployments, but I wouldn’t start there.