Hosting python Django project

I have made a django webapp and i’m planning to host it for production. But i was using hostinger premium plan and as i could find that it cannot be deployed under that plan. They say it should be done with a VPS (virtual private server).
Is it true for every hosting services that i would require a vps plan?
if not what are the other hosting platforms that would not require a vps?
If I take a VPS plan how many websites can i host from one plan (or server)?

There are people who deploy in environments other than a VPS. (If you search through the forum you’ll find references to Heroku and a couple others whose names escape me.)

Those might be fine for a “getting started” or “PoC” environment, but if you’re going to be doing anything sophisticated, you’re going to need a VPS.
Disclaimer: This is based on my own biases and experiences. Others may have vastly different opinions.

Me, and the company that employs me, are not one of them.

I will only deploy Django in a VPS. Things may be different and better now, and the limitations that I have encountered in the past may no longer exist - but it’s not worth my effort to try and identify them.

The downside is that you end up being responsible for everything associated with that server. Keeping it patched, keeping it secure, monitoring its operational characteristics, doing things like backups, and the dozen other routine tasks that need to be performed periodically to ensure a stable environment. (Yes, a lot of those things can be automated, but even the automation requires human oversight to ensure things keep running smoothly.)

That’s a question without a fixed answer.

It’s going to depend upon the size of the virtual server, the size and level of activity of each website, and the care and skill with which you manage that server - which includes all the ancillary processes that the server will be running in addition to your websites.

You could easily run 1000 websites on one server if each site is only going to get 1 page view per hour and that each site is serving a single static page. (A silly-but-illustrative extreme.)

On the other hand, if the levels of activity are high enough, one VPS (of any reasonable size) might not be large enough to run your site. (If you’re a commercial concern, that’s a situation you might want to have.)

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well explained!

Like you said even i want to deploy it on a VPS but the company that im employed in want to do it on a shared hosting like hostinger. But now the question is how will i do it?
i uploaded a ziped file of my project to hostinger and it did nothing.

If it’s this company:, then see VPS Hosting | NVMe storage, AMD Ryzen CPUs, AI Assistant

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yes this is the hosting platform but i would like to do it on shared hosting in this platform.
The thing is my company is subscribed with their premium web hosting service and not the VPS and they dont want to spend more on VPS. They want me to host it with their shared hosting service.

If hostinger told you:

Then your management needs to believe the company from whom they’re buying services, or else make them provide you with the information you need in order to do it.

There is a point where you do need to “push back” - in as politically-appropriate way as possible - when management attempts to instruct you to do something that is not possible.

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Ok. Let me give it a try. thanks for your time sir.