Django/channels/rust side project; galaxy procedural generation

Hello all!

I “released” this side project about a month ago and am trying to cram as much time and async in it as I can… :slight_smile: This is about procedural content generation at galaxy level. Nothing new, but I am having fun!

I realise the main “subject” of it is not Django per se but I enjoy using this framework so much I have to try and gather feedback on it!

The project is about 2% there. Am currently working on the 3D explorer (ability to view more details in the star systems) and fine-tuning procedural content genration (atmospheres, planets, moons, etc).

[note: frontend is 100% custom and the 3D bit uses babylonjs]

I hope you enjoy navigating and thank you in advance for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hello all,

some improvements in the 3d explorer:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy