Djangonaut Space - Where contributors launch

Hi folks,

I’d like to highlight Djangonaut Space in this section. It’s a community driven program with the goal of helping people become regular contributors.

From our documentation:

This program places an emphasis on group-learning, sustainability and longevity. Djangonauts are members of the community who wish to level up their current Django code contributions and potentially take on leadership roles in Django in the future. :unicorn:

This is a group mentoring program where individuals will work self-paced in a semi-structured learning environment over the course of three months.

Want to be involved in the future direction of Django? Confidently vote on proposals? This could be a great way to launch your Django contribution career! :rocket:

We have about a month left in our pilot program. We’re still trying to sort out what the next iteration will be. If you’re interested in participating in the program the best place to express that interest is on the site: via the “Sign Up” link.

We are also looking for people to help as Navigators and Captains. If you have any questions you can reply here or email contact [at] or reach out to us on Mastodon / LinkedIn / Twitter