Ecommerce Site with Django from Scratch

I have created an eCommerce site with Django with full payment support via Stripe. (Frontend part is not that good).


  • Create Product.

  • Search the Product.

  • Sell Product.

  • Add or Reuse Address.

  • Payment support (Stripe)

  • Check code to see More.

Here is the full source code-

To Know the work flow and progress, follow the branch in series

  1. Master- In Starting implement basic model. (All the work will be merged to this branch)
  2. Search_bar- Implemented Search_bar, include tags to the product.
  3. Cart- Implemented Cart feature for authenticated as well unauthenticated people.
  4. Checkout- Implemented Checking out process of each Order per User.
  5. Address- Implementing Address section of the user.
  6. AutoSearch- Implementing Auto Search to the search bar.
  7. CustomUserModel- Building out the custom user model instead of using built-in django model.