Django Deploying Help

I have purchased the cheapest VPS plan of ionos and now i want to host my django app, but when i execute ‘python runserver’ and command go to my_ip:8000 still it shows invalid page on the browser, can anyone help me???

Let’s start with the basics - from the docs for runserver


What you’ve done is not how you deploy a Django project.

You will want to read the following:

and reading the pages that these link to, as necessary.

I have commented here (and elsewhere) that deploying a Django project into a production-quality environment is probably the most confusing and frustrating process you will ever encounter working with Django, at first. This is primarily because so little of what you’ll need to do is directly related to Django itself, but also because the number of choices you need to make along the way - and because of these choices, it’s difficult to find any two sources that describe exactly the same process.

You will need to become a bit of a Linux system admin to be able to do this effectively, so be prepared to learn about a lot of things you may not currently be familiar with. (This includes being familiar with the different log files that are written so that you know where to look to find error messages being generated.)

You may find this guide helpful as one such example - How To Set Up Django with Postgres, Nginx, and Gunicorn on Ubuntu 22.04 | DigitalOcean

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