How to host django in the company's server?

Recently I developed a simple django project to be used by my colleagues. The goal was to have the project only available within the network so no one outside the company could access it. The company has a server, with a certain IP that will host the project.

What steps do I have to take, either in django or on the company server, to make the project available to everyone in the company? Do I have to install python in the server? I tried to put the servers IPs in allowed_hosts but it doesn’t work.

Thanks for helping, Edward

Start with

You’ll have a number of decisions to make, and few of them are going to have obvious answers if you’ve never deployed a web application before. Be prepared to take the time needed to understand what needs to be done.

It has been said here and elsewhere that doing a production-quality deployment is one of the most difficult things you will ever do with Django.

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Hey Ken, thanks for answering.

I will look at the docs and I hope it answers all my questions

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I was able to make it work.
If i wanna to do changes in the django project, what are the best practices ?

There are no one set of “best practices”, just some general principles that would apply regardless of the framework or type of application.

All decisions regarding a specific approach need to be evaluated in the context of “risk”. You need to answer:

  • What’s the worst that can go wrong at any given point?
  • What is it going to take to recover from the worse-case scenario?
  • What is the effect on the business of an outage lasting for the “Time To Recover”?

I’ve got a handful of projects running the full range from “connect VSCode to the production server and make changes directly” to “every change requires multiple approvals at every step before deployment”. So it all depends on your business requirements - which may be affected both by business needs and policy.

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Ok, man.
Thanks for letting me know .

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