Django Learning Materials - Any recommendations?

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m enrolled in a coding bootcamp and we’ve been covering Django for weeks but not much of the knowledge is sticking in my mind. I’ve found and followed several online tutorials but many are “click, copy, paste” and fail to explain the “WHY” of what’s being done.

I’ve recently bought “Django for Beginners” by William Vincent and am diving head first into reading it. That said, if you have any reference materials you can point me to I’d genuinely appreciate it.

For background, I have no computer-related professional education or experience but am transitioning into this industry after ten years of military service.


My first recommendation would be to not ignore your Python education in this process. Django is written in Python, which means (nearly) anything available to you in Python is available to you in Django. However, most Django training that I’ve heard about either assumes you already know Python or teaches just enough Python to work through what you need with Django.

It’s tough to recommend training materials because people come into topics from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and even preferred learning styles. I believe that someone needs to find the training that works best for them. Yes, that involves some trial-and-error, but I’m not aware of any better way to find the right approach.

Beyond that, a great source of resources is Will Vincent and Jeff Triplett’s Awesome Django page. That’ll give you some places to look.


Thanks for the timely reply! I’m also working my way through “Python Crash Course” by Eric Matthes. In light of your response, I’ll be sure to refocus my energies on finishing that book as well.

I just put eyes on the link you provided. Looks like I’ll be busy for a while. Thanks again!