Suggestions/resources for e-commerce courseware site?

Hiya hackers! I have used Django several times over my Python career (including v0.8 almost 20 years ago!) but it has been 8 or 9 years since I did so. I am planning to make a personal courseware site on which users will register and purchase access to live workshops and recorded courses with some form of payment integration (in Canada, FWIW), priced on a per course/workshop basis. Viewing courses will consist of access to live webinars, premade videos (hosted on Vimeo) and downloading ebook material. While I have extensive Python experience and have built stuff like this before on Django, Flask, Pyramid, and others, this is my own site so I am planning on keeping things as simple as possible until the business (if ever!) demonstrates its warranted. No SPA, no super fancy front end, no public API, and extremely unlikely that the DB will ever get big.

My professional coding work as all been on the complex custom side of things, so I am totally out of the loop on what is available, recommended, or baked in to current Django for this sort of thing. The purpose of this post is to solict recommendations on resources given the above: books, courses, example apps, third party apps, etc. Your suggestions are much appreciated!


I tend to recommend Awesome Django as a resource for resources.


You might want to look into boilerplates as a way to kickstart your app. There’s a large list (including many Django options) here: GitHub - smirnov-am/awesome-saas-boilerplates


Thanks czue, that is very helpful. I didn’t know about those and am now seriously considering Pegasus.

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Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions!

Thanks, I will be in touch.