Django On Apache2

I’m new to Django and struggling to deploy on Apache server… Did entire setup it works fine but after sometime getting error…

Interpreter change detected - this module can only be loaded into one interpreter per process.

Solution is to set single-interpreter = True
but not able to understand how to create uwsgi ini file


Have you worked through the appropriate uWSGI tutorial and reviewed the Django uWSGI documentation, along with reading these notes about Django, Apache, and mod_uwsgi?

I would definitely suggest trying to get uWSGI set up independently first. It’s capable of directly serving up web pages, so I would ensure I could get my app running under it before trying to get it hooked up with Apache.

But for us to try to provide more specific assistance, we’re going to need a bit more detail about your configuration.

  • What operating system?
  • Current apache conf file section for Django
  • Current uwsgi.ini file