wsgi per project


I inherited an old django project that’s currently running on redhat apache server.

I’ve always assumed that apache was running one django project with multiple apps, but after looking at the apache config file, I found 2 WSGIScriptAlias pointing to two different django.wsgi.

I just need confirmation on this.
Is it one django.wsgi per project or can you have multiple projects per django.wsgi?

Let me know if something isn’t clear.

I’ve only ever run it as one project per wsgi instance. So if I’ve got 3 different projects running behind the same nginx server, there are three different uwsgi instances running. (I know it’s a different situation than yours, but the idea is basically the same.)

Given what little I know about how uwsgi works, I would find it surprising if you can run multiple projects in the same uwsgi instance.

Thanks for your response.

After digging through the code. It looks like I have 3 projects where one project is some kind of api and the other two projects are using that api.

Thanks again for the confirmation.