Django SMS API

Hello, is there any Django SMS library or method available to send SMS/text messages from Django application to a mobile number without the use of 3rd parties like twillio?

No. And it’s not just Django. Unless you have direct access to a wireless carrier’s infrastructure, there is no way for any server, framework, or language to directly send SMS messages.

Thanks for the quick answer!

Django is a popular Python web framework that includes several tools and libraries for building web applications. You can use Django to build an SMS API, which is an application programming interface that allows you to send and receive text messages through your web application.

To get started with building an SMS API using Django, you will need to install Django and set up a new project. You will also need to install a Django app that provides SMS functionality, such as django-sendsms.

Once you have Django and the necessary libraries installed, you can start building your SMS API by defining the endpoints and functions that will handle the sending and receiving of SMS messages. You can use Django’s built-in views and forms to create the necessary HTTP routes and handle user input.

To send SMS messages, you will need to use a third-party SMS gateway or service, such as Twilio or Nexmo. These services provide APIs that you can use to send SMS messages through your Django application.

Overall, building an SMS API using Django is a fairly straightforward process, and there are many resources available online to help you get started.